10 Interior Design Tricks

Interior Design TipsClever design tricks to quickly refresh a home

Sometimes using simplistic and subtle techniques can offer a greater impact on the look of a room. Adding a new color to soften the look of a room or placing natural greenery in a sunny window can quickly create an inviting atmosphere. Finding the right inspiration doesn’t always require extensive work or cost. Check out these popular and unique renovation tips on design for your home.

Add texture and diversity

Reflecting personal elements of style with family heirlooms or classic pieces can truly tell the story of the homeowner. Mixing antique furniture with unique paintings can create a dialogue with guests.
Reuse and upcycle

Most homes have a collection of accessories that are in storage or in out of the way places that can be reused or repurposed to make stunning centerpieces or focal points in a room. Avoid the expense of purchasing a new item and reuse quality pieces in the home. For example, old suitcases can be converted into shelving. Old trunks make fantastic coffee table surfaces. Decorative china can be hung for vintage appeal.

Use painting techniques for interest

Create contrasting paint colors to furniture or bookcases to draw sight lines upward. Simple paint techniques or wallpapering can become an inexpensive way to add a splash of fun and whimsy in a room that was otherwise boring and uninviting.

Optical tricks to open up spaces

Opening a space doesn’t always require extensive remodeling. The eye naturally draws attention to the combination of reflective surface and the amount of natural light in the room. Adding mirrors near windows or lighting can fill up an empty space. A softer paint color can balance out the tone of the room to feel more expansive.

Add natural greenery

House plants clean the air and make a space feel more inviting. Natural plants in smaller rooms such as a bathroom can invoke a spa retreat or simple garden setting. Hanging plants are useful in all rooms to create texture and make the space feel inviting.

Add inviting elements

Warm accessories such as rugs divide the room into seating quadrants on hardwood floors. The natural contrast between the rug and flooring, particularly hardwood, can change throughout the year to reflect a unique personality. Wicker baskets and slipcovered furniture are two common elements that create a causal atmosphere. Baskets also create new storage and material to hold decor for contrast at the seating level.

These techniques are powerful and simple at creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider these elements when creating a flow in the room that will make guests want to come back and see more over time!

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