5 Reasons to Protect Your Marble Countertops

marble protection

Everyone loves remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms. It adds a fresh look to your home and can increase the value too. Granite and some other natural stones don’t require much protection (a sealer is all it takes). But marble’s another story all together.

That’s why we put together a list of the top five reasons you’ll definitely want to protect your marble countertops with Tuff Skin.

1) It’s an Investment

You wouldn’t drive a car or purchase a home without insurance. More than likely, you have medical and even dental insurance. So why would you leave your marble unprotected? Unlike these other methods of protecting your assets, Tuff Skin only requires a one-time payment. That’s it. Our expert installer will apply the lamination (completely transparent), and your countertop will be safe.

2) Very Easy to Do

There’s not much to it. After scheduling an appointment, we will take measurements, provide a quote, and then schedule installation. The installation is fairly quick, a lot like tinting your car windows, and doesn’t make a big mess.

3) Everyone Loves It

Our customers, everyone from homeowners to hotel managers, love Tuff Skin. It’s reasonably priced and looks and works great. And did we mention it doesn’t stain or etch? See the results for yourself.

4) No More Stains or Etching!

This highly durable, gas permeable, heat resistant laminate prevents stains and acid etching caused by acidic substances such as red wine and berries. And it can be applied to not only marble, but also onyx, and travertine or any other natural stone.

This is huge because people have been hesitant to use marble in their kitchens and bathrooms because of how sensitive it is. But now those worries are a thing of the past.

5) It Just Makes Sense

Ok, so this isn’t our best reason on the list (forgive us, we thought the first four reasons would suffice), but it does make sense. Marble looks great, but is vulnerable. And if you want to install it, and spend potentially thousands of dollars, it only makes sense to protect it with Tuff Skin.


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