New Project: Bath Club on Miami Beach

We recently protected a gorgeous, Wagamama marble countertop in a private residence at the Bath Club on Miami Beach.  This island kitchen had some glass ring and water stains.  Marble can’t be sealed or truly protected without Tuff Skin.

Our wonderful client, allowed us the privilege of working on his home.  We are always excited about these projects not only because it helps us stay in business (we’re entrepreneurs at heart), but also because it would be shameful to allow these countertops to be vulnerable to the elements.  Wagamama is moderately expensive, so it wasn’t sensible to spend the time and money to install it without protecting it properly.

We did our best to display the work below, but you can enlarge the photos by clicking on each individual image.

Bath Club Before

Bath Club Before-2

Bath Club After-2

Bath Club After

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