Five Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

bathroom remodel

The Bathroom Sink

That outdated sink in your home either lacks the surface space you require or it lacks the ability to catch splashing water. So perhaps choosing a sink with a raised bowl is more to your advantage. Maybe you’re happy with your current sink, but your water pressure makes it a hassle to use. If either of these issues is not your problem, then maybe a little more elbow room is what you’re missing.

Adding Amenities

Many standard homes lack a great deal of amenities when it comes to designing a bathroom. From a space to keep a set of hampers, to a place that conveniently stores your towels and toiletries. Extended counter space with storage underneath can alleviate the problem. Even something as simple as changing the placement of your toilet, or adding a few outlets, could greatly increase the amount of working space in your bathroom and reduce sharing woes.

The Overall Look

Organic styles are becoming more and more prevalent, now that technology cannot be escaped. From organic feeling glass windows to organic feeling tiles and shelves. The bathroom has become the place that offers respite from the usual stoic and straight angled rooms we often litter with technology. If being close to the outdoors every time you shower is not your thing. Then you can still update your bathroom with materials and colors that customize the experience.

Plumbing and Lighting

Sometimes the upgrades are not as obvious and in plain sight. Multiple lighting fixtures might require some maintenance. Perhaps the outdated plumbing is not keeping up with your kitchen upgrades. So it is to your advantage to fix plumbing issues that create water pressure problems. These can range from weak sprays and long tank refills to temperature fluctuations when showering. So at the very least consider making these simple changes to improve home value.

The Shower

Finally, this is where you go to pamper your body which means water quality matters. Water softeners and conditioners go a long way when it comes to making updates. This addition improves the cleaning quality of your water and eliminates soap scum. Does your tub take up too much space or not enough? Shower heads and tubs come in every variety today. From therapeutic to water conserving, just about every need can be met.

Consider remodeling today!

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