Kitchen Countertop Styles and Trends

Kitchen Design

Creating a functional space to entertain and cook is one way to add lasting value to a home. A functional space should also express your style and the type of entertaining that will occur. There are practically limitless varieties of materials and colors that make a kitchen countertop function well. Here are a few of the trends that can really uplift the efficiency of the kitchen.

Using eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly design is at the forefront of kitchen remodeling. One of the most unlikely candidates is concrete. It is considered a flexible material that can be designed to mimic other materials such as marble or wood. These patterns can be used to create a seamless look that can be colored to match the rest of the kitchen easily. Concrete also has the ability to be textured for an authentic feel without using extra resources.

Create contrast with tile

Tile is a great choice for adding a unique variation on the traditional countertop. It creates a focal point for the eye and creates an infusion of the owner’s character into the kitchen space. Hand crafted tile is a popular choice for a natural look when used with variations in size and pattern. The tile can be cut to fit and change depending on the style of the kitchen.

Engineer for dual-purpose

Heat, spills, and scratching are the bane of the kitchen at times. Quartz countertops are a solid surface that provides protection from all of these incidents. Quartz is made from a polymer resin with 5% naturally ground quartz material. The resin material offers durability in the countertop without sacrificing the natural look of stone. Quartz is available in several styles and patterns for any decor layout.

Blending materials for a transitional look

Creating a space that has a strong contrast of new and old raises the beauty of the kitchen. Non-porous material such as engineered slab contrast well with low-maintenance engineered material that can resemble natural stone. White stone can be somewhat high-maintenance and there are several engineered products that can offer the same white contrast.

However, natural stone does have its place in the kitchen. Stone such as granite and soapstone have unique properties that create natural beauty over time. Natural stone gives the kitchen an upscale feel while still providing a durable surface to work on. Small appliances and low-duty work areas do better for this type of material due to the extra maintenance required.

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