How Tuff Skin Protects Marble

Marble Protection

Tuff Skin Marble Protection Explained

Natural stone adds a beautiful look to any interior design or architectural feature. The only problem is that this type of surface is easily etched and scratched when submitted to everyday abuse that is common in most homes. It can also easily stain when exposed to certain acidic foods and drinks. Rather than skip the look of natural stone and opt out for another type of material, Tuff Skin can create a usable and easy to clean surface over natural stone without distracting from its look and appeal.

What is Tuff Skin?

Tough Skin is a high quality stone laminate used to protect the surface of marble, onyx, travertine, and any other type of natural stone surface. It helps to prevent etching and staining that can be caused by the acids in food and drinks. Tuff Skin is used in both commercial and residential settings. It’s ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities within the home as well as surfaces in restaurants and bars.

Dupont developed this system for all natural stone. Traditional sealers were not able to prevent etching on these surfaces. The invention of Tuff Skin has allowed exotic stone and marble to be used in architecture and interior design without any worries.

Uses of the Product

Tuff Skin will protect new or existing surfaces from scratching and etching, especially from acids found in blueberries, lime, wines, and other similar foods and drinks. It also enhances the color and depth of the stone. Now, glass rings and etch marks can be hidden from view without the expense of refurbishing the surface. Another benefit is that it resists burns up to 1200 degrees. Tuff Skin is easy to maintain. A micro-fiber towel is all that is needed to keep the finish polished.

How It Works

Tuff Skin works by using a four mil sheet of high tech polyester. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye. The reason it works so well is that it allows gasses to pass through so that the stone surface can still breathe, yet it doesn’t let liquids that can damage the stone through. These features make Tuff Skin ideal for marble. The Tuff Skin surface absorbs all of the abuse that would otherwise chip or cleave an unprotected natural stone surface.

If you want the look and style of natural stone without the headaches, Tuff Skin will keep these surfaces looking new.

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