Tuff Skin

Natural Stone Protection

The Tuff Skin system was developed in conjunction with DuPont and is designed specifically to protect countertops, tables, bars and vanities fabricated from Marble, Onyx, and Travertine. Traditional stone sealers have never been able to protect exotic stone from etching. Challenging etching and staining problems are solved with Tuff Skin Surface Protection. Architects, Interior Designers, and specifiers can now broaden their design possibilities using exotic stone with complete confidence.

Tuff Skin Surface Protection:

• Protects existing and new stone surfaces
• Prevents stone surface scratching
• Enhances the depth and color of stone
• Prevents acid etching and stains caused by wine, lime, & blueberries
• Dramatically hides etch marks and glass rings without refinishing
• Is cost effective when compared to constant refinishing
• Burn resistant up to 800 degrees
• Cleans easily and polishes with a dry micro-fiber towel

Years in the Making

Tuff Skin is a proprietary product developed through many years of formulation and testing. It is a four mil sheet of high tech polyester, almost invisible to the eye. One of the unique properties of Tuff Skin is its ability to allow out gassing which lets the stone “breathe” naturally. Tuff Skin is gas permeable and does not allow liquids to penetrate thru the product. This property was crucial in the Marble Institute of America’s decision to endorse our product and system of protecting exotic stones against staining and etching.

Tuff Skin’s Industrial Strength Scratch Resistance hard coat protects your countertops by absorbing the normal abuse that would diminish the appearance of the stone. It also absorbs the kind of shock that, in many cases, would cleave or chip valuable stone.

We Guarantee Our Work

We provide a one year warranty for labor and materials. Actual life of the product depends on the wear and tear your stone receives.

Download Our Brochure

Download our brochure for more info about Tuff Skin: Tuff Skin Brochure

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